Dal Prete Mini Compact L 3.0

Dal Prete Mini Compact L 3.0 Del Prete Water Clarification and sludge dehydration plant. Mini Compact L 3.0 Premium is a wastewater treatment machine with very high automation and safety properties. It is the latest evolution of the Mini Compact L machine, with the same base features (production of clarified water and dewatered sludge). Mini Compact L 3.0 is also able to handle any ordinary maintenance procedure automatically, thanks to a dedicated software and a new mechanic design. Moreover, most of the manual operations necessary for machine functioning can now be performed automatically; e.g. flocculant powder dosage and storage. It is the most suitable solution for companies that want to reduce manual interventions in the various maintenance operations to the minimum, and want to keep very high safety standards. A study has been conducted in order to reduce any accident risk to the minimum, going well beyond legal provisions. Touch screen dimensions have been increased and every operation has been made simple and immediate, so that operators can better use and understand the machine. Many different solutions have been adopted in order to guarantee first-class quality standards.
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Dimensions                                        2100mm * 2827mm *5655mm (h)

Weight                                                 2500kg

Pressed Sludge Production          1.9 m3 /8h

Clarified water production           600 l/m

Pump for Filter Press                      500 l/m

Flocculant tank volume                 400 l

Filter press plates                             8

Touch screen                                     Included

Remote Control                                Included

Dripping Tank                                    Included

Automatic Daily Start                      Included

Flocculant powder dosage and tank filling              Automatic

Automatic wash of the filter press and filter press feed pump      Included            

Automatic wash of the drainage channel                                               Included