Weha Cut Stone Trolley MULTI

For internal transportation e.g. from the bridge saw to the edge grinding machine and for mobile intermediate storage; all contact surfaces have removable wooden supports; no more backbreaking work - the construction allows workpieces to be put down without having to lift them over a prop. Smaller workpieces can also be easily laid down by tilting the strut which moves sideways. If the corner holder is pushed in, this will prevent the trolley from tipping over backwards. The pole can be neatly stowed away in the holder when the trolley is not in use.
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Load Capacity: 1400kg
Dimensions: 1050x1200x900mm
Contact Surface Each Side: 1050x490mm
Height Up To Contact Surface: 490/520mm
Tyres Ø (2 Brake Tyres, 2 Fixed tyres): 280mm
Weight: 78kg