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Who is Stone Equipment International?

Stone Equipment International is one of Europe’s most competitive suppliers of new and used machinery, providing a range of products and services to customers across the globe.

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What does Stone Equipment International do?

Stone Equipment International stocks new and used machinery for the stone industry.

How experienced are Stone Equipment International?

Stone Equipment International was established in 1994 and has built a reputation as an international supplier of high quality machinery, with a comprehensive understanding client’s needs, installation advice and support. This allows Stone Equipment International to respond quickly to high priority enquiries and orders with the flexibility to meet speedy delivery from international destinations-where ever they may be.

Where is Stone Equipment International based?

Stone Equipment International’s head office is in County Durham, in the North East of England. Stone Equipment has exported to a number of different countries including: France, Italy, Germany, Canada, South Africa, Sweden and Caribbean.

What makes Stone Equipment International different?

Stone Equipment International is a global partner for new and used machinery. Stone Equipment International understands that replacing equipment can expensive and that is why we offer unbeatable deals on part exchange. We also offer Referral partnership schemes and Auctions, offering a wide range of products of allows us give quality service to our global clients and partners.

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